McPHERSON and NICHOLSON Family History in Victoria, Australia

Daniel McPHERSON married Mary CUTLER (1777-1868) in Bermondsey on 22 Mar 1797. On the death certificate of Daniel James McPHERSON (1805-1891) his parents are stated as Daniel McPHERSON and Mary McPHERSON (formerly ELDER). On the 1829 marriage certificate of John WILLSON and Elizabeth Grace McPHERSON (the sister of Daniel James McPHERSON) witnesses to the marriage are Matilda McPHERSON and George CUTLER. (Daniel James had a sister called Matilda McPHERSON). As there's a marriage in Bermondsey in 1785 of George ELDER a widower and Mary CUTLER a widow it is almost certain that this Mary who married George was the mother of the Mary (1777-1868) who married Daniel James McPHERSON. Mary would have been the stepdaughter of George ELDER which would explain the surname given as ELDER on the death certificate of her son Daniel James McPHERSON.

* my direct ancestors
1.* Daniel McPherson m *Mary ELDER/ Mary CUTLER b 1777 London d 1868 London m 1797 in Bermondsey, (see information at the top of page)
  2. * Daniel James McPherson b 1805 London d 1891 Noble St, Chilwell, VIC m * Frances Ann BOORE 1833 in London, England
    3. Francis Ann Matilda MCPHERSON b 1834 England d 1908 New Zealand m James MACFARLANE 1852 in Melbourne, VIC
    3. *Anne Maria MCPHERSON b about 1836 London d 1893 Elsternwick, VIC m *Henry Molyneux NICHOLSON 1861 Geelong, VIC
      4. Fanny Wane NICHOLSON b 1862 VIC d 1884 VIC
      4. Charles Henry NICHOLSON b 1864 VIC d 1946 VIC
      4. William Penny NICHOLSON b 1866 VIC d 1875 Geelong, VIC
      4. Frank McFarlane NICHOLSON b 1867 Geelong, VIC d 1959 VIC m Ada COLLS
      4. Kate Louise NICHOLSON b 1869 Geelong, VIC d 1954 VIC
      4. Arthur Ernest NICHOLSON b 1871 VIC d 1929 VIC m Linda NELSON
      4. James Leonard NICHOLSON b 1872 Geelong, VIC d 1872 Geelong, VIC
      4. George Herbert NICHOLSON b 1872 Geelong, VIC d 1872 Geelong, VIC
      4. *Ruth May NICHOLSON b 1874 South Melbourne, VIC d 1938 Fairfield, VIC m *Reverend William James Thomas PAY 1902, Caulfield, VIC
    Note: Henry Molyneux NICHOLSON married Annie WILSON in 1901 and had one daughter, Mabel Wilson NICHOLSON (1902 - 1985)
    3. Mary Emily MCPHERSON b 1839 England d 1920 VIC m Georg Friedrich Christian William FOX in 1864, Geelong, VIC
    3. James William MCPHERSON b 1844 Melbourne, VIC d 1845 VIC
    3. Clara Louisa MCPHERSON b 1847 Melbourne, VIC m Reverend Thomas QUINTON 1877 Melbourne, VIC
      4. William Horace QUINTON b 1878 VIC d 1912 VIC
      4. Anna Frances Clara QUINTON b 1880 VIC d 1969 VIC m Harry Temple MARSHALL
      4. Thekla Jane QUINTON b 1881 VIC d 1909 VIC
      4. Norman McPherson QUINTON b 1882 VIC d 1907 VIC
      4. George Hector QUINTON b 1884 VIC d 1907 NSW
      4. Francis Hopkins QUINTON 1886 VIC d 1886 VIC
      4. Reginald Thomas Daniel QUINTON b 1887 VIC d 1935 VIC m Edna Grace FAULKNER
      4. Arlington Drysdale QUINTON b 1889 Bellarine, VIC d 1890 Bellarine, VIC
      4. Theodore Mornington QUINTON b 1889 Bellarine, VIC d 1889 Bellarine, VIC
    3. William George MCPHERSON b 1851 VIC d 1911 VIC m Alice Gertrude MOGG 1880 VIC