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On this page are some basic details about my ancestors and their families. I have much more comprehensive information from over 18 years of research so please email me at if you'd like more information.

Please note that as this is ongoing research there will always be some errors.
Baker and Smith
Faber and Saxton
Lyon and Knight
Nicholson and McPherson

BAKER and SMITH families - England and New South Wales, Australia

William BAKER (1808 - 1857) was the son of William BAKER, convict, 2nd Fleet "Neptune" and Mary Ann RAYCROFT.

William married Mary Ann SMITH, daughter of convicts, Joseph SMITH, 2nd Fleet "Neptune" and Margaret HOLMES, 3rd Fleet "Mary Ann".

Joseph SMITH told his story to Caroline CHISHOLM in 1845.

The youngest son of William BAKER and Mary Ann SMITH was Thomas Somerville BAKER who married Maud Mary PERRY.

The BAKER and SMITH families in Australia have been very well researched.

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BEATTIE family - Ireland, Scotland and New South Wales, Australia

David BEATTIE and his wife Margaret LONG migrated from Ireland to NSW in 1856 and settled in the Singleton area.

The BEATTIE family in Australia has been very well researched but not a lot is known about the early ancestors.

There is more information on this page of my website.

GALVIN family - Ireland, Scotland and New South Wales, Australia

Patrick GALVIN joined the 17th Leicestershire Regiment and on 18th December 1830 arrived in Australia onboard the "Andromeda II". Patrick served in the colonial army in NSW and later ran a hotel at Singleton, NSW. His wife, Mary HUTCHINSON (or Mary HUTCHISON) was born in Scotland in about 1800.

Their daughter, Isabella GALVIN married John THORLEY at Singleton, NSW.

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GRIFFITHS family - England, New South Wales and Tasmania, Australia

Jonathan GRIFFITHS, convict 2nd Fleet "Scarborough" married Eleanor McDONALD, convict 3rd Fleet "Queen".

Jonathan was a well known ship owner and builder on the Hawkesbury and later in Tasmania.

This family in Australia has been very well researched.




Jonathan Griffiths website


Australian Dictionary of Biography website

HAY family - Scotland and Tasmania, Australia

Jane IRELAND (nee HAY) was the daughter of convict, Robert HAY "Calcutta" and Maria HAZELWOOD (or Maria HOPPER). Maria's parents were convicts, William HAZELWOOD, 3rd Fleet "William and Ann" and Elizabeth HOPPER, 2nd Fleet "Lady Juliana".
One of the most interesting facts about Robert HAY is that in 1804 he saw a Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacine), now tragically extinct.

Among my grandmother's photos is a photo labelled "Great Great Great Grandma Hay" and this photo is almost certainly Maria HAY (nee Maria HAZELWOOD or Maria HOPPER) born 1795 on Norfolk Island who married Robert HAY. I would be happy to email a copy to anyone interested in these families.

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IRELAND family - Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales

see also Perry family below:

Edmund IRELAND was born about 1778 in England and married Ann (FINNEMORE?) in England. Before arriving in Australia they had three children: Mary Ann IRELAND, John IRELAND and Susannah IRELAND.

Edmund IRELAND was a convict who arrived on the "Guildford" on 18th January 1812. His wife, Ann and children arrived on the "Broxbornebury" on 28th July 1814.

Both John IRELAND and Mary Ann IRELAND are my ancestors as Mary Ann's son, James PERRY married John's daughter, the 2nd Mary Ann IRELAND.

John IRELAND sailed to Hobart, married Jane HAY and then moved to Melbourne about 1847. They had at least eight children, most born in Tasmania and after Jane died in 1852 it appears the family, or at least most of them, moved to Sydney where John IRELAND married again - to Lousia CHAMPION in Sydney 1856.

The oldest daughter of John IRELAND and Jane HAY, Maria Phoebe IRELAND married James COOPER in Melbourne, Victoria in 1851.

It is uncertain when Edmund IRELAND (of the "Guildford") died. His wife Ann married a John DAWSON in Sydney in 1823 so presumably it would have been prior to that date. The last record of Edmund IRELAND is that he was apparently onboard the "Westmoreland" which departed for New Zealand and Tahiti on 3 July 1821.

Some other sons of Edmund and Ann are:

Edmund IRELAND, who married Elizabeth WELCH in 1859 in Sydney.

Henry William IRELAND (or William Henry IRELAND), who married Mary Ann JONES in 1851 in Sydney and Sarah BYRNES in 1856 in Sydney.

James Francis IRELAND, who married Jane KING in 1843

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PERRY family - New South Wales, Western Australia and New Zealand

see also Ireland family above

James PERRY was the son of convict, George PERRY, who arrived on "Earl St Vincent" in 1820 and Mary Ann IRELAND, daughter of convict, Edmund IRELAND "Guildford" and wife, Ann. Ann's surname was probably FINNEMORE.

James PERRY was born in Sydney on 15th June 1831 and died on 22nd June 1918 at 66 Nickson Street, Surry Hills, NSW.
James married Mary Ann IRELAND on 7th June 1854 in Sydney.
Mary Ann died on 10th November 1893 at 64 Nickson Street, Surry Hills, NSW.

James and his wife, the 2nd Mary Ann IRELAND were 1st cousins as Mary Ann IRELAND's parents were John IRELAND and Jane HAY and James' parents were the 1st Mary Ann IRELAND and George PERRY. John IRELAND was the brother of the the 1st Mary Ann IRELAND.

Both the 1st Mary Ann IRELAND and John IRELAND were the English born children of Edmund IRELAND and Ann. My branch of the IRELAND family moved from Tasmania to Victoria and then to Sydney.

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THORLEY family - England and New South Wales, Australia

Philip THORLEY, son of Samuel THORLEY, 3rd Fleet "Active" and Agnes SHALES was a member of John Howe's expedition which discovered Patricks Plains (Singleton, NSW). Philip married Mary GRIFFITHS, daughter of Jonathan GRIFFITHS and Eleanor McDONALD.

The Thorley family has been very well researched.

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BOORE family - England and Victoria, Australia

Frances Ann BOORE (1812 - 1896) was the daughter of Richard BOORE and Francis RUSS of Sutton Benger, England.

Frances married Captain Daniel James McPHERSON. The family migrated to Australia sometime between 1839 and 1844 and lived in Williamstown and then Geelong, where Daniel was the first Harbour Master of Geelong.

Daniel McPHERSON's parents were Daniel McPHERSON and Mary ELDER. It is possible this was the Daniel McPHERSON who fought in the Battle of Trafalgar but there is some doubt from the information we have so far.

Not a lot is known about the early BOORE ancestors yet. The brother of my ancestor Francis Ann McPHERSON (nee BOORE) was William BOORE the well known jeweller and silversmith of the time at London's Strand.

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FABER and SAXTON families - England and Victoria, Australia

Augustus William FABER might have been born in London on 13 January 1798 the son of George William FABER or John George William FABER and Sarah FABER (nee SURNAME UKNOWN). Augustus might have had a brother William Frederick FABER (1792 - 1867).

Elizabeth SAXTON married Augustus William FABER, at Saint Leonards, Shoreditch, London on 26th December 1815.

The parents of Elizabeth SAXTON (1798 - 1879) were probably Benjamin SAXTON and Susanna LANCASTER.

Eliza FABER (daughter of Augustus William FABER and Elizabeth SAXTON) was born in London in 1816, married Thomas Henry PAY and migrated to Australia on the "Ebba Brahe" in 1857.
For more information see the Pay family below.

Eliza FABER had a sister, Louisa FABER, who married Thomas SAPHIN in 1837, in London and appears to have had at least nine children between 1839 and 1860. There seems to be another connection between the SAPHIN and SAXTON families if anyone is researching that line.

Augustus William FABER deserted his wife Elizabeth (nee SAXTON) which is shown in settlement records from 6th January 1827. It appears he is the Augustus William FABER who either married or lived with Sarah MAES and is therefore the Augustus William FABER who died about 24th July 1846.

There were at least two or maybe more people with the name Augustus William FABER around the same time and the same area.

Augustus William FABER was a possible witness in two Old Bailey trials on 15th January 1817 and 18th September 1820. In the trial of 18th September 1820 an Augustine William FABER states he was a clerk to Mr. Ching, a Chancery Barrister.

On the death certificate of Eliza Augusta PAY (nee FABER), her father's occupation is given as solicitor but this might not be accurate considering Eliza was only about 10 when her father left.


GIBBS family - England and Victoria, Australia

Eleanor Elizabeth GIBBS was born in Tunstead, England in 1849, the daughter of James Mace GIBBS and Maria PAGE of Catfield, Norfolk. James and Maria had at least two more children, James GIBBS (1848 - 1936) and Samuel Arthur GIBBS (1857 - 1908). Around 1857 the family migrated to Australia.

Eleanor GIBBS married William Augustus PAY in Victoria 1872 and her brother, James married Martha Ann GRINDROD in 1877.
Maria GIBBS (nee Maria PAGE) died in February 1885 and James Mace GIBBS died in October 1890. They are both buried at St Kilda Cemetery.

Eleanor Elizabeth PAY (nee Eleanor Elizabeth GIBBS) died at Glen Eira Road, Caulfied, Victoria on 19th October 1898 and is buried at Brighton Cemetery.

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The GIBBS and PAGE families in England have been well researched.

JANSEN (JOHNSON) family - Holland and Victoria, Australia

Jacob JANSEN (or William Jacob JANSEN) was born on 30th October 1848 in Groningen, Holland. His parents were Albertje KROOS and Jan JANSEN. Jacob was a chef, cook and caterer, who arrived in Victoria, Australia about 1863 and married Frances Helen LYON on 3rd May 1876, West Melbourne, Victoria.

At some stage the name JANSEN was changed to JOHNSON. Jacob and Frances had 13 children and lived in Melbourne. Jacob JOHNSON died in 1928, aged 80 in Melbourne. Jacob had a sister, Lucy JANSEN who married James Edward HALL in Victoria. Lucy's name was Lukkina JANSEN born in Groningen, Holland on 3rd June 1857.
I have now traced many of Jacob's Dutch ancestors going back to the 17th century.

Some of the Australian JOHNSON descendants have had distinguished sports careers including Herbert Edward (Ted) JOHNSON who played Australian Rules for South Melbourne in the 1920s and two Olympic and Commonwealth Games cyclists.

There is more information on this page of my website.

LYON and KNIGHT family - England and Tasmania, Australia

Sarah KNIGHT was born about 1815 possibly in Portsmouth, England and died on 25th September 1863 in Hobart. Sarah arrived in Hobart as a convict on "The New Grove" on 27th March 1835 and on 9th November 1840 married Michael SINNITT (Michael SINNETT, Michael SYNNOT), convict on the "Manlius".

Sarah and Michael had two sons, Michael George SINNITT (1841 - 1920) and William SINNITT (b 1842)
Sarah KNIGHT's husband, Michael SINNITT disappeared at Streaky Bay, South Australia, Australia in 1846.

Sarah married William David Thompson LYON on 2nd September 1851 and it is from this marriage I am descended. Their daughter, Frances Helen LYON (1853 - 1927) married Jacob William JANSEN (or William Jacob JOHNSON) in West Melbourne 1876. see above.

It is possible William David Thompson LYON was the convict William LYONS, who arrived on the "Richard Webb" on 4th March 1842. However this has not yet been established for certain and no definite record of his arrival has been found at this stage.
His parents were probably David Thomson LYON and Eliza FRICKER.

After Sarah died in 1863, William David Thompson LYON married twice more to:
1. Celia Elizabeth CLUES in Hobart 1863
2. Emma Frances DHU in Hobart 1879

Sarah's and William's daughter, Frances Helen LYON married Jacob William JANSEN (or William Jacob JOHNSON) in West Melbourne 1876.

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NICHOLSON and McPHERSON family - England and Victoria, Australia

Henry Molyneux NICHOLSON was born in 1835 in Lancashire, England and migrated to Australia in about 1852. Henry's parents, James Penny NICHOLSON and Anna NICHOLSON (nee Anna WANE) migrated to Australia about 1853. Henry married 1. Anne Maria McPHERSON (1836 - 1893) at St Paul's Church, Geelong, Victoria on 15 Oct 1861 and 2. Annie WILSON at Geelong in 1901.

Anne Maria McPHERSON's parents were the early pilot and harbour master of Geelong, Captain Daniel James McPHERSON and Frances Ann BOORE.

There is more information on this page of my website

The NICHOLSON family in England and Australia has been very well researched. The McPHERSON family has been well researched too but there are some brickwalls with the earlier ancestors of Daniel James McPHERSON.

PAY family - England and Victoria, Australia

Thomas Henry PAY was born on 12th March 1814, married Eliza Augusta FABER on 26th March 1836 in London and arrived in Melbourne, Australia on board the "Marco Polo" on 27th January 1854. His family joined him in Australia three years later.

Thomas Henry PAY was the son of Thomas PAY (1762 - 1848) and Mary. At present I am trying to find out more about Mary as there is some doubt in my mind that she is the Mary FURSDON b 1787 from Devonshire. There is a Mary FURSDON born about 1787 or 1788 in 1841, 1851 and 1861 census records in Devonshire and she was unmarried in 1851 and 1861. This Mary FURSDON probably died in Devonshire in 1865 and doesn't seem to fit with her being the wife of Thomas PAY (1762 - 1848).


TEVELEIN family - France, England and Tasmania, Australia

The TEVELEINS have been very well researched from their Huguenot origins in France in the 16th century to their English and Australian descendants.

John TEVELEIN settled in Tasmania in 1837 with wife, Prudence GARTH. I have never found a TEVELEIN family not related.

Information about the ancestors of Prudence GARTH may be seen here.

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WANE family - England

The parents of Anna NICHOLSON (nee WANE) were Daniel WANE (1771 - 1832), a merchant and dyer from Lancaster and Caroline SMITH.

Daniel WANE married Caroline in Saint Martin in the Fields 1802. Caroline SMITH had married Daniel MUNRO (1760 - 1799) in India in 1795 before marrying Daniel WANE.

Daniel and Caroline also had a son Daniel Molyneux WANE b 1806.

The father of Caroline SMITH was Burton SMITH and Caroline's sister was Elizabeth SMITH who married Sir George Hilaro BARLOW.

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WINDUSS family - Tasmania and Victoria, Australia

John WINDUSS was born in December 1809 at Otterbourne, Hampshire, England and married Mary BELL (or BALE). John belonged to the 96th Regiment and arrived in Hobart on 21st September 1841 on the ship "Waverley" with wife Mary.

There is more information on this page of my website.