Surnames of my direct ancestors

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My direct ancestors

NSW, Tasmania and British Isles Victoria, Tasmania, British Isles, Holland and France
Baker Thomas Somerville b 1857 NSW d 1933 NSW m Maud Mary Perry [Family: BAKER]
Baker William b 1775 England convict 2nd Fleet "Neptune" d 1829 NSW [Family: BAKER]
Baker William b 1808 NSW d 1857 NSW m Mary Ann Smith [Family: BAKER]
Beattie David b 1818 Tyrone Ireland arrived "Commodore Perry" 1856 d 1898 Gouldsville near Singleton NSW m Margaret Long [Family: BEATTIE]
Beattie James b British Isles m Margaret Potter [Family: BEATTIE]
Beattie William b 17th November 1857 at Hinton NSW d 1932 NSW m Adeline Mary (Evelyn) Thorley [Family: BEATTIE]
Berkeley Sarah b England 1722 m John Withers 1739 [Family: GRIFFITHS]
Cleary Mary b British Isles m Edward Long [Family: BEATTIE]
Galvin Isabella b 1835 NSW d 1911 NSW m John Thorley [Family: THORLEY]
Galvin Patrick b 1799 Ireland 17th Leicestershire Regiment arrived "Andromeda" 1830 d 1857 NSW m Mary Hutchinson [Family: THORLEY]
Griffiths Jonathan b 1773 England convict 2nd fleet "Scarborough" d 1839 VIC m Eleanor McDonald [Family: GRIFFITHS]
Griffiths Mary b 1804 England d 1874 m Philip Thorley [Family: GRIFFITHS]
Griffiths Thomas d 1782 England m Sarah Withers 1762 [Family: GRIFFITHS]
Hay James b 1736 m Ann Riach parents of Robert Hay[Family: HAY]
Hay Robert convict "Calcutta" m Maria Hopper (Maria Hazelwood)[Family: HAY]
Hazelwood Maria see also Hopper Maria [Family: HAY]
Hazelwood William father of Maria Hopper [Family: HAY]
Holmes Margaret b 1774 England convict 3rd Fleet "Mary Anne" d 1850 NSW m Joseph Smith [Family: BAKER]
Hopper Elizabeth mother of Maria Hopper [Family: HAY]
Hopper Maria daughter of William Hazelwood and Maria Hopper b 1796 Norfolk Island m Robert Hay [Family: HAY]
Hutchinson Mary b 1810 Scotland d 1860 NSW m Patrick Galvin [Family: THORLEY]
Ireland Edmund convict "Guildford" m Ann Miller [Family: IRELAND]
Ireland John son of Edmund Ireland and Ann Miller [Family: IRELAND]
Ireland Mary daughter of Edmund Ireland and Ann Miller m George Perry NSW [Family: IRELAND]
Ireland Mary Ann m James Perry in Sydney 1854 [Family: PERRY]
Long Edward m Mary Cleary possibly in Ireland [Family: BEATTIE]
Long Margaret b 1825 Tyrone Ireland d 1876 NSW m David Beattie 1848 Tyrone Ireland [Family: BEATTIE]
McDonald Eleanor b 1769 Ireland convict 3rd Fleet "Queen" 1791 d 1831 NSW m Jonathan Griffiths [Family: GRIFFITHS]
Miller Ann m Edmund Ireland [Family: IRELAND]
Perry George b about 1791 England convict "Earl of St Vincent" arrived Sydney 1820 d 1845 NSW m Mary Ireland [Family: PERRY]
Perry James b 1831 NSW d 1918 NSW m Mary Ann Ireland [Family: PERRY]
Perry Maud Mary b 1865 NSW d 1950 NSW m Thomas Somerville Baker [Family: PERRY]
Potter Margaret (or Margaret Potters) m James Beattie [Family: BEATTIE]
Raycraft (or Raycroft) Elizabeth b 1747 arrived "Midas" 1821 d 1826 mother of Mary Ann Raycroft [Family: BAKER]
Raycraft (or Raycroft) Mary Ann b 1786 England convict "William Pitt" arrived 1806 d 1827 partner of William Baker "Neptune"
Reed Elizabeth m William Withers [Family: GRIFFITHS]
Riach Ann m James Hay [Family: HAY]
Shales Agnes b 1776 Ireland d 1823 NSW m Philip Thorley [Family: THORLEY]
Smith Christian (female) b approx 1650 m John Withers (Wyther) [Family: GRIFFITHS]
Joseph b 1758 England convict 2nd Fleet "Neptune" d 1856 NSW m Margaret Holmes [Family: BAKER]
Smith Mary Ann b 1811 NSW d 1912 NSW married William Baker [Family: BAKER]
Thorley Adeline Mary (Evelyn) b 1861 NSW d 1921 NSW m William Beattie [Family: THORLEY]
Thorley John b 1835 NSW d 1921 NSW m Isabella Galvin [Family: THORLEY]
Thorley Philip b 1799 NSW d 1883 NSW m Mary Griffiths [Family: THORLEY]
Thorley Samuel b 1769 England convict 3rd fleet "Active" d 1821 NSW m Agnes Shales [Family: THORLEY]
Withers (Wyther) John b about 1641 England m Christian Smith [Family: GRIFFITHS]
Withers (Wyther) John b about 1711 England m Sarah Berkeley [Family: GRIFFITHS]
Withers (Wyther) Sarah b 1740 England d 1783 England m Thomas Griffiths [Family: GRIFFITHS]
Withers (Wyther) William b about 1677 m Elizabeth Reed [Family: GRIFFITHS]
Alberts Maijke b 1761 married Klaas Klaassens Amerika [Family: JOHNSON]
Amerika Hillechien Klaassens b 1795 married Johann Jacob Kroos [Family: JOHNSON]
Amerika Klaas Klaassens d at sea 1810 married Maijke Alberts [Family: JOHNSON]
Bell Mary b England d 1886 TAS married John Winduss [Family: WINDUSS]
Bellin Susanne m Jacques Lamberton - parents of Francois Lamberton [Family: TEVELEIN]
Berents Jochen b 1688 father of Albert Jochums m Geesjen Jans [Family: JOHNSON]
Bernard Esther m Jacob Dosselart - parents of Elizabeth Dosselart b 1661 [Family: TEVELEIN]
Boore Frances Ann b 1812 England d 1896 Geelong VIC m Daniel James McPherson [Family: McPHERSON]
Boore Richard m Frances Russ [Family: McPHERSON]
Boykin Jane m Richard Picard - parents of Richard Picard b 1682 [Family: TEVELEIN]
Broussar Judith m Francois Lamberton [Family: TEVELEIN]
Bunne Marie m Jean Tevelein - parents of Isaac Tevelein b 1653 [Family: TEVELEIN]
Butt Magdalen m Pierre Lamberton [Family: TEVELEIN]
Clarke Mary b 1740 m Richard Tevelein 1764 England [Family: TEVELEIN]
Clarke Thomas m Mary White - parents of Mary Clarke (above) [Family: TEVELEIN]
Coldson Sarah m Isaac Pay in England 1757 [Family: PAY]
Dosselart Elizabeth b 1661 France m Isaac Tevelein [Family: TEVELEIN]
Dosselart Jacob m Esther Bernard - parents of Elizabeth (above) [Family: TEVELEIN]
Eijsens Albertien b 1671 m Peter Luies [Family: JOHNSON]
Ebels Claes see Hebels Claes  [Family: JOHNSON]
Elder Mary wife of Daniel McPherson [Family: McPHERSON]
Faber Augustus William m Elizabeth Saxon (Elizabeth Saxton) in England 1815 [Family: PAY]
Faber Eliza Augusta b 1816 England arrived on "Ebba Brahe" 1857 d 1880 VIC m Thomas Henry Pay [Family: PAY]
Fawcett Elizabeth m Thomas Nicholson [Family: NICHOLSON]
Freriks Hilligjen m Klaas Luijtjens 1748 [Family: JOHNSON]
Furson John b about 1750 m Elizabeth Willcox [Family: PAY]
Furson Mary (or Fursdon Mary ) b about 1787 m Thomas Pay [Family: PAY]
Gale Joanna b about 1710 m John Russ [Family: McPHERSON]
Garth Prudence b 1817 London d 1890 TAS m John Tevelein [Family: TEVELEIN]
Geerts Auckjen b 1690 m Luijtjen Klaassens [Family: JOHNSON]
Geerts Berent m Zijtsche Jochums [Family: JOHNSON]
Gibbs Eleanor Elizabeth b 1849 England d 1898 VIC m William Augustus Pay [Family: GIBBS]
Gibbs James Mace b about 1820 Catfield, Norfolk, England d Elsternwick VIC 1890 m Maria Page [Family: GIBBS]
Gibbs Samuel m Elizabeth Mace - parents of James Mace Gibbs (above) [Family: GIBBS]
Granger Ann b 1745 England d 1833 m Francis Russ [Family: McPHERSON]
Granger Anthony b 1720 England father of Ann Granger m Rebecca [Family: McPHERSON]
Harms Aaltien m Jan Roelof Jansen [Family: JOHNSON]
Hebelen Claes see Hebels Claes
Hebels Claes (Claes Ebels) b 1660 m Hillejen Luies [Family: JOHNSON]
Jans Geesjen mother of Albert Jochums m Jochen Berents [Family: JOHNSON]
Jansen Jan b 1821 Netherlands m Albertje Kroos [Family: JOHNSON]
Jansen Jan Roelof m Aaltien Harms [Family: JOHNSON]
Jansen (Johnson) Jacob (or Jansen William Jacob) b 1847 Groningen Netherlands d 1928 VIC m Frances Lyon [Family: JOHNSON]
Jansen Roelof b 1791 Netherlands m Harmanna Meijer [Family: JOHNSON]
Janssen Eijse (or Eijse Jans) father of Albertien EIjsens m Saertien Woelesius [Family: JOHNSON]
Janssen Marrejen m Geert Lammerts [Family: JOHNSON]
Jenkinson Ralph and Ann parents of Richard Jenkinson (below) [Family: TEVELEIN]
Jenkinson Richard b 1643 and Jeanne parents of Jane Jenkinson (below) [Family: TEVELEIN]
Jenkinson Jane b 1680 m Richard Picard [Family: TEVELEIN]
Jochums Albert b 1716 m Albertje Roelfs [Family: JOHNSON]
Jochums Zijtsche m Berent Geerts [Family: JOHNSON]
Johnson  Alberta Frances (Alberta Frances Johnson) b 1879 VIC d 1935 VIC m Albert Gleadow Winduss [Family: JOHNSON]
Kirsp Hannah m Norman Mace [Family: GIBBS]
Klaassens Luijtjen b 1689 m Auckjen Geerts [Family: JOHNSON]
Knight Sarah b about 1815 England convict "New Grove" arrived 1835 d 1863 TAS m William David Thompson Lyon [Family: JANSEN/JOHNSON LYON]
Kool Elisabeth married Jakob Pieters Kroos [Family: JOHNSON]
Kroos Albertje b 1820 Netherlands married Jan Jansen [Family: JOHNSON]
Kroos Jacob Pieters b Netherlands married Elisabeth Kool [Family: JOHNSON]
Kroos Johann Jacob b 1793 Netherlands married Hillechien Klaassens Amerika [Family: JOHNSON]
Lamberton Daniel b 1708 m Elisabeth Wellbanks parents of Pierre [Family: TEVELEIN]
Lamberton Francois m Judith Broussar in 1707 England- parents of Daniel [Family: TEVELEIN]
Lamberton Jacques m Susane Bellin parents of Francois [Family: TEVELEIN]
Lamberton Lucy Maria b England m James Tevelein [Family: TEVELEIN]
Lamberton Pierre b 1734 m Magdalen Butt - parents of Lucy Maria [Family: TEVELEIN]
Lammerts Geert b 1660 m Marrejen Janssen [Family:JOHNSON]
Luies Hillejen b 1664 m Claes Hebels [Family:JOHNSON]
Luies Peter m Albertien Eijsens [Family:JOHNSON]
Luijtjens Klaas m Hilligjen Freriks 1748 [Family:JOHNSON]
Lyon Frances b 1853 TAS d 1927 VIC m Jacob Jansen [Family: JANSEN/JOHNSON LYON]
Lyon William David Thompson b 1823 d 1892 NSW mariner m Sarah Sinnitt (nee Sarah Knight) [JANSEN/JOHNSON LYON]
Mace Eleanor m Samuel Gibbs [Family: GIBBS]
Mace Norman m Hannah Kirsp in Norfolk, England 1738 - parents of Eleanor Mace [Family: GIBBS]
McPherson Anne Maria b 1836 London d Oct 1893 Elsternwick VIC m Henry Molyneux Nicholson [Family: McPHERSON]
McPherson Daniel mariner m Mary Elder - parents of Daniel James McPherson [Family: McPHERSON]
McPherson Daniel James b about 1805 England d VIC 1891 m Frances Anne Boore [Family: McPHERSON]
Meijer Harmanna b 1789 Netherlands m Roelof Jansen [Family: JOHNSON]
Meijer Megel (Michiel) b Netherlands m Klaassijn Tobie [Family: JOHNSON]
Munro Caroline (nee Smith) * see Smith Caroline
Nicholson Christopher b 1760 England d 1838 England m Isabella Penny [Family: NICHOLSON]
Henry Molyneux b about 1835 Lancashire d 1920 VIC m Anne Maria McPherson 1861 Geelong (later married Annie Wilson) [Family: NICHOLSON]
Nicholson James Penny b 1796 England d 1885 VIC [Family: NICHOLSON]
Nicholson Ruth May b 1874 VIC d 1938 VIC m William James Thomas Pay [Family: NICHOLSON]
Nicholson Thomas b 1716 England d 1800 England m Elizabeth Fawcett [Family: NICHOLSON]
Olive Elizabeth b 1682 France m Isaac Tevelein [Family: TEVELEIN]
Page Maria b about 1819 England d 1885 VIC m James Mace Gibbs [Family: GIBBS]
Pay Isaac b 1727 England married Sarah Coldson [Family: PAY]
Pay Thomas b 1762 England d 1848 England m Mary Furson (or Mary Fursdon)[Family: PAY]
Pay Thomas Henry b 1814 England arrived "Marco Polo" 1854 d 1870 VIC m Eliza Augusta Faber [Family: PAY]
Pay William Augustus b 1844 England d 1929 VIC m Eleanor Elizabeth Gibbs [Family: PAY]
Pay William James Thomas b 1874 VIC d 1953 VIC m Ruth May Nicholson [Family: PAY]
Pennington Agnes m James Penny [Family: NICHOLSON]
Pennington William - wife unknown - parents of Agnes Pennington b 1699 [Family: NICHOLSON]
Penny Isabella b 1765 England d 1798 England m Christopher Nicholson [Family: NICHOLSON]
Penny James father of Isabella Penny m Agnes Pennington [Family: NICHOLSON]
Peters Saartje b1697 m Roelf Writzers [Family: JOHNSON]
Picard Ann b 1711 England m Isaac Tevelein 1734 England [Family: TEVELEIN]
Picard Richard m Jane Boykin parents of Richard (below) [Family: TEVELEIN]
Picard Richard b 1682 m Jane Jenkinson [Family: TEVELEIN]
Roelfs Albertje b 1722 m Albert Jochums [Family: JOHNSON]
Russ Frances b 1783 England d 1874 England m Richard Boore [Family: McPHERSON]
Russ Francis b 1737 England d 1833 m Ann Granger [Family: McPHERSON]
Russ John b abt 1710 England d 1833 m Joanna Gale [Family: McPHERSON]
Russ John b 1680 England m Mary - parents of John Russ (above) [Family: McPHERSON]
Saxon Elizabeth (or Saxton Elizabeth) m Augustus William Faber in 1815 England [Family: PAY]
Sinnett (or Synnitt Synott Synnott) Sarah (nee Knight)
* see Knight Sarah
Smith Caroline b m Daniel Wane [Family:WANE]
Tevelein Cordelia b 1843 TAS d 1939 VIC m Charles Samuel Winduss [Family: TEVELEIN]
Tevelein Isaac b 1653 France m Elizabeth Dosselart[Family: TEVELEIN]
Tevelein Isaac b 1683 France d 1764 England m Elizabeth Olive [Family: TEVELEIN]
Tevelein Isaac b 1707 England d 1779 England m Ann Picard [Family: TEVELEIN]
Tevelein James b 1766 England d 1818 England m Lucy Maria Lamberton [Family: TEVELEIN]
Tevelein Jean b about 1618 France m Marie Bunne [Family: TEVELEIN]
Tevelein John (Tarbin) b 1804 England d 1879 TAS m Prudence Garth [Family: TEVELEIN]
Tevelein Richard b 1736 England d 1816 England m Mary Clarke [Family: TEVELEIN]
Tobie Klaassijn b Netherlands m Megel Meijer [Family: JOHNSON]
Tonnis Tetien mother of Roelf Writzers m Writzer Peters [Family: JOHNSON]
Wane Anna b about 1803 England d 1854 VIC m James Penny Nicholson [Family: WANE]
Wane Daniel m CarolineSmith (or Munro) [Family: WANE]
Wellbanks Elisabeth m Daniel Lamberton [Family: TEVELEIN]
White Mary m Thomas Clarke - parents of Mary Clarke b 1740 [Family: TEVELEIN]
Willcox Elizabeth m John Furson [Family: PAY]
Winduss Albert Gleadow b 1877 VIC d. 1963 VIC m Alberta Frances Johnson (Jansen) [Family: WINDUSS]
Winduss Charles Samuel b 1844 TAS d 1921 VIC m Cordelia Tevelein [Family: WINDUSS]
Winduss John b 1809 England d 1873 TAS m Mary Bell [Family: WINDUSS]
Woelesius Saertien (Sara Wolefij) mother of Albertien EIjsens m Eijse Janssen[Family: JOHNSON]
Writzers Roelf m Saartje Peters in 1719 [Family: JOHNSON]

My convict ancestors their ships and dates of arrival in Australia

2nd and 3rd Fleet convicts Later convicts
Jonathan Griffiths 2nd Fleet "Scarborough" 2 Jun 1790
Elizabeth Hopper 2nd Fleet "Lady Juliana" 3 Jun 1790
Joseph Smith 2nd Fleet "Neptune" 27 Jun 1790
William Baker 2nd Fleet "Neptune" 27 Jun 1790
Margaret Holmes 3rd Fleet "Mary Ann" 9 Jul 1791
William Hazelwood 3rd Fleet "William and Ann" 28 August 1791
Eleanor McDonald 3rd Fleet "Queen" 26 Sep 1791
Samuel Thorley 3rd Fleet "Active" 26 Sep 1791
Robert Hay "Calcutta" 26 December 1803
Mary Ann Raycroft "William Pitt" 11 April 1806
Edmund Ireland "Guildford" 18 January 1812
George Perry "Earl St Vincent" 29 Aug 1820
Sarah Knight "New Grove" 27 Mar 1835