WINDUSS Family History in Australia, England and New Zealand

John WINDUSS was born 1809 in Hampshire, England and died in Launceston, Tasmania on 24 June 1873.
John married Mary BELL (or BALE) on 7 June 1830 in England and arrived in Hobart Town 21 September 1841. John was a Private in the 96th Foot Manchester Regiment.

It now appears John's parents were George WINDUS (b 1777 Nursling, Hampshire d Otterbourne, Hampshire 1832) and Mary GILBERT (b Hampshire 1774 d Hursley, Hampshire 1841).

John's grandparents were then Willington WINDUS (b. ? d. Nursling, Hampshire 1780) and Elizabeth TERRY (b 1739 Lyndhurst, Hampshire d Nursling, Hampshire 1781, probably the daughter of William TERRY and Mary). Willington WINDUSS and Elizabeth TERRY married in 1757 at Brockenhurst, Hampshire).

The parents of Willington WINDUS are not known yet but it is possible he descends from Edward WINDUS and Dorothy WILLINGTON who married at St James, Clerkenwell, London on 13th February 1680. The parents of Edward WINDUS were probably James WINDUS and Anne WALPOLE (who married in London in 1648).

The descendants of John WINDUSS (1809-1873) in Australia and New Zealand have been very well researched and below are the first and some of the second Australian and New Zealand generations.

If John's ancestors (above) are correct then John's nephew, Edward WINDUS (1844-1912), son of John's brother George WINDUS (1801-1884) migrated to Australia and settled in Molong, NSW. At some stage the "ss" in the WINDUS name must have been added to the WINDUSS descendants of our John. John's army record shows a single "s" and gives his birthplace as Otterbourne (in or near the town of Winchester), Hampshire which links him to the Otterbourne family.

* my direct ancestors are in bold type (please note some are baptism and not necessarily birth dates)

1.* John WINDUSS b 1809 Otterbourne (or Isle of Wight as the family moved from Isle of Wight to Otterbourne), Hampshire, England , 96th Regiment Manchester m * Mary BELL (or BALE) Plymouth
  2. William Henry WINDUSS b England 10 May 1831 d Tasmania 3 Feb 1907?
  2. Louisa Mary WINDUSS b 8 Jul 1835 England or Ireland d 1932 Tasmania m 1. Thomas DAVEY 2. Henry WEAVEL
  2. Eliza Jane WINDUSS b 1837 Tasmania d 1907 New Zealand m John Bee GLEADOW 1855 Tasmania
  2. George WINDUSS b 1840 England d 1923 New Zealand m Elizabeth WATT 1868 New Zealand
    3. Clara Caroline WINDUSS b 1869 d 1958 New Zealand m William Phillips THOMPSON
    3. George WINDUSS b about 1870 New Zealand d 1931 New Zealand m Jane MORROW
    3. Mabel WINDUSS b 1876 New Zealand d 1959 New Zealand m Percival James BEAR
    3. Mary Ethel WINDUSS b 1881 New Zealand d 1923 New Zealand m William Paice SIMPSON
    3. Eliza Jane WINDUSS b 1884 New Zealand d 1958 New Zealand m Andre MORTON
    3. Emily Maud Muriel WINDUSS b 1886 New Zealand d 1917 New Zealand m William John FRANCIS
    3. Stanley Gordon WINDUSS b 1889 New Zealand d 1889 New Zealand
  2. Frederick John WINDUSS (or Frederick James WINDUSS) b 1843 Tasmania m Ellen ALLEN (16 children)
  2. * Charles Samuel WINDUSS b 1844 Launceston, Tasmania d 1921 Carlton, VIC, saddler m * Cordelia TEVELEIN (b Launceston 1843 d VIC 1939)
    3. Prudence Mary WINDUSS b Melbourne 1865 d 1960 VIC m Harold ZOSKY
    3. George Charles WINDUSS b Melbourne 1867 d 1935 VIC m Mary SAUNDERS
    3. Alice Cordelia WINDUSS b Melbourne 1869 d 1955 Tasmania m Richard Gibson BURNS
    3. Arthur John WINDUSS b Melbourne 1871 d 1895 VIC
    3. Edith Florence WINDUSS b North Melbourne d 1949 VIC m Charles DIHM
    3. Charles WINDUSS b Melbourne b 1876 d Melbourne 1876
    3. * Albert Gleadow WINDUSS b Carlton, VIC 1877 d 1963 Carlton, VIC m * Alberta Frances JOHNSON (JANSEN)
    3. Louisa Caroline WINDUSS b Carlton, VIC 1879 d 1919 NSW m Richard James CHAPMAN
    3. Ernest Edwin WINDUSS b 1882 Carlton, VIC d 1904 VIC
    3. Ethel May WINDUSS b 1884 Carlton, VIC d 1885 Carlton, VIC
    3. Hilda Eveline WINDUSS b Carlton, VIC 1886 d 1886 VIC
    3. Elsie Muriel WINDUSS b Carton, VIC 1889 d 1968 VIC m Bertram James CAMPBELL
  2. Emily Maria WINDUSS b 1850 Tasmania d 1935 Tasmania m John EDWARDS 1871 Tasmania
  2. Clara Caroline WINDUSS b 1853 Tasmania d 1925 Tasmania