Beattie settlers from Gouldsville, Hinton, Singleton and Morpeth, NSW

The Beatties

I would love to hear from anyone with information about these families and will very happily share my research so please email for any additions, corrections or questions. Occasionally BEATTIE has the BEATTY spelling in the older records but in all the related Australian families it is BEATTIE.

The story so far

James BEATTY and Margaret POTTER had at least two sons in Ireland.
(There's a marriage record for a James BETTY and Margaret POTTER on 4/3/1806 in Magheracross which could fit but needs more research to confirm if the same.)

1. William BEATTIE:
born about 1813 in Tyrone, Ireland
died 3 Mar 1878 at Phoenix Park, NSW
William BEATTIE and family arrived in New South Wales in 1853 "Earl of Elgin".

2. David BEATTIE
born about 1818 in Fintona, Tyrone, Ireland
died 1 May 1898 at Singleton, NSW
David BEATTIE and family arrived in New South Wales on 1st May 1856 "Commodore Perry"

Both families settled as farmers around the Singleton area in the towns of Boggy Flat, Gouldsville, Hinton in New South Wales

Below are some details about their early Australian descendants.

There was a Thomas BEATTY born in New Brunswick, Canada in 1825 whose parents were James BEATTY and Margaret POTTER who had migrated from Ireland to Canada in 1824. Thomas' parents, James and Margaret BEATTY had five sons and two daughters and Thomas was the youngest which fits with the dates of birth of the Australian brothers, William and David. However it cannot yet be confirmed if Thomas was a brother of William and David. Thomas BEATTY married Ella WINNETT in 1865.

At the time of David BEATTIE's arrival in Australia 1st May 1856, David's mother was alive and living in Fintona, Ireland and his father James was deceased. This information also fits with what is known of the parents of Thomas BEATTY.

David Beattie and William Beattie

* my direct ancestors
1.* James BEATTIE probably b British Isles, m * Margaret POTTER or POTTERS probably b British Isles
  2. William BEATTIE b about 1813 Tyrone, Ireland d 1878 Phoenix Park, NSW m Sarah Cuthbertson 1839 Fintona, Ireland
    3. James Cuthbertson BEATTIE b about 1839? Tyrone, Ireland d 1920 West Maitland, NSW m Sarah STUBBS 1885 Morpeth, NSW
    3. Sarah Jane BEATTIE b 1847 Tyrone, Ireland d 1931 NSW m George Moorcroft MOXHAM 1871 Morpeth, NSW
    3. Margretta BEATTIE b 1849 Tyrone, Ireland d 1909 Grafton, NSW m 1. William Thomas BOYD 1877 NSW and 2. Francis P J WILKINSON 1889 NSW
    3. Isabella Jane BEATTIE b 1851 Tyrone, Ireland d 1935 QLD m Henry Oswald Nott 1876 QLD
    3. Matilda Ellen BEATTIE b 1853 Tyrone, Ireland d 1934 NSW m Duncan SIM 1883 Morpeth
    3. Emma Elizabeth BEATTIE b 1858 NSW d 1913 NSW m William WOOD 1885 Morpeth
    3. Charlotte Maria BEATTIE b 1861 Morpeth, NSW d 1946 NSW
    3. One son deceased
  2. * David BEATTIE b about 1818 Tyrone, Ireland d 1898 Singleton, NSW m * Margaret LONG b about 1821 Ireland d 1876 Darlinghurst NSW
    3. Mary Jane BEATTIE b 1848 Armagh, Ireland d 1917 Singleton, NSW m Thomas THRIFT 1872 Singleton, NSW
    3. James BEATTIE b 1850 Tyrone, Ireland d 1910 Warkworth, NSW m Mary Ann DUGAN 1880 Mt Thorley (near Singleton), NSW
    3. Rosanna BEATTIE b 1855 Tyrone, Ireland d 1934 NSW m Francis PARMETER 1878 Boggy Flat (near Singleton), NSW
    3.* William BEATTIE b 1857 Hinton, NSW d 1932 NSW m *Adeline Mary (Evelyn) THORLEY 1882 Patricks Plains, NSW
    3. Edward BEATTIE b 1860 Gouldsville, NSW d 1942 NSW m Katherine MCGOWAN 1896 NSW
    3. One daughter deceased

Other related names through marriages are: Carter, Dyett, Farley, Finke, Gale, Harborne, Hatcher, Hellyer, Heuston, Horne, Moxham, Murrie, Neems, Partridge, Reardon, Richardson, Stewart.

Maggie Beer is descended from Francis PARMETER and Rosanna BEATTIE. Maggie's PARMETER ancestry featured on "Who Do You Think You Are?"

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