My classical MIDI sequences and MP3 recordings
(* updated guitar videos will be added at a later date)

Please note MP3 files have better quality sound.See notes below for more information.

Composer Title MIDI MP3 recording of MIDI
Bach, J.S. Brandenburg Concerto No.1 - 1st movement MIDI MP3
Bach, J.S. Brandenburg Concerto No.2 - 2nd movement MIDI MP3
Bach, J.S. Violin Concerto - E major 1st movement MIDI MP3
Beethoven, L. van Symphony 9 - 2nd Movement MIDI MP3
Bizet, G. Entr'acte Act II Carmen MIDI N/A
Bizet, G. Andantino from Carillon, L'Arlesienne Suite No 1 MIDI N/A
Bizet, G. Carillon from L'Arlesienne Suite No 1 MIDI N/A
Brahms, J. Haydn Variations MIDI N/A
Dvorak, A. Slavonic Dance No.4 MIDI MP3
Schubert, F. Du bist die Ruh' MIDI N/A
Schubert, F. Ungeduld MIDI MP3
Schubert, F. Unfinished Symphony - 1st movement MIDI MP3
Tchaikowsky, P. Danse des Mirlitons (part) MIDI MP3

Notes on my MIDI sequences

These files are all my own work and are in MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) format.

Please note that a MIDI file is only data with instructions on how to play the music. Therefore the playback quality and balance of instruments depend entirely on the capability of a computer's sound card, onboard sound or other playback MIDI instrument.

It's the difference between a musical score being played by a flute or tin whistle where the score is the MIDI data and the flute or whistle the MIDI instrument.

It is very time consuming to create long MIDI sequences and extremely difficult to balance the sound. I am only an amateur and have much to learn.

My MP3 from MIDI recordings

I've only recently added MP3s to my site but created them a number of years ago by playing my MIDI files with a Roland SCC-1 GS sound card and recording the output through another soundcard.

Unfortunately the Roland sound card only had 24-voice polyphony and could not play all the notes in the files so there are some missing notes in the MP3s.

For example the French Horns which have two voices frequently drop out.

The volume is also a bit low in some of the MP3 recordings and they are here simply to illustrate what I was trying to achieve.

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